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Global Climate and Health Forum
In September 2018 Glaser Project Foundation, in partnership with several other organizations, sponsored The Global Climate and Health Forum which brought together 300 leaders from national and local governments, health systems, public health agencies, civil society, and international health organizations. The Forum culminated in the launch of a Call to Action on Climate and Health. This Call to Action, endorsed by over 70 leading health organizations, outlines ten priority recommendations the health community can take to advance human well-being in the era of climate change.

Professor William Nordhaus awarded 2018 Nobel in Economics

Professor William Nordhaus has received the highest recognition and honor for his work to develop a model of how climate change impacts the global economy. For decades Nordhaus has worked on broad issues related to economic growth, showing that traditional measurements of growth understated improvements in the quality of life. The Nobel committee cited Professor Nordhaus for showing "the most efficient remedy for problems caused by greenhouse gases is a global scheme of universally imposed carbon taxes." Nordhaus said that ultimately market forces, which includes measures such as the carbon tax, will be what stop the Earth's temperature from rising to an unsustainable level. Over the past decade Glaser Progress Foundation has contributed over $2.7 million to Professor Nordhaus' work.

Mother Jones: The Russian Connection
Glaser Project Foundation is underwriting Mother Jones magazine's coverage of the Trump-Russia scandal including long-form investigative features, breaking reports, in-depth examiners, comprehensive timeline and a newsletter.

Mother Jones: My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard
Glaser Progress Foundation is one of several foundations that helped fund the much-acclaimed Mother Jones magazine indepth investigation of the private prison industry. Reporter Shane Bauer, who went undercover as a corrections guard in a Louisiana prison, won the Best Reporting prize from the American Society of Magazine Editors for this 18-month investigation and Mother Jones was named 2016 Magazine of the Year.

Global Health & Climate Change
In partnership with the University of California San Francisco's Global Health Group, Glaser Progress Foundation is mobilizing a stronger international response to climate change by engaging global health leaders as advocates for climate solutions, supporting the health sector to minimize the adverse impacts of climate change today, and building climate resilient health systems that can stand up to the challenges of the future.

Progressive Studies Program Launched
Glaser Progress Foundation in partnership with the Center for American Progress launched the Progressive Studies Program. The program is a unique interdisciplinary project exploring the history, intellectual foundations and public understanding of progressivism in America. The program seeks to increase public awareness of progressive ideas and values, educate public officials and policymakers through lectures, seminars, articles, public events, book discussions, new media tools, and training seminars with activists and young people.

Yale University Launches Global Health Leadership Institute
Yale University, in partnership with Glaser Progress Foundation, has created
the Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI), a weeklong conference hosted at Yale. GHLI will convene leaders in public health from countries that have demonstrated momentum in strengthening their health care systems. GHLI's objectives include exploring best practices to improve the health of regional populations, and identifying key future research directions to speed up improvements in global health. The institute will also develop a set of case studies showcasing examples of innovations to improve population health.

Video Launched Commemorating 40th Anniversary of RFK GDP Speech
Robert F. Kennedy's campaign for president inspired a generation of progressive activists. On March 18, 1968, to a hushed University of Kansas crowd of 20,000, he issued a startling challenge - that the Gross National Product, our most basic measure of the economy, fails to count the true experience of America. On its 40th Annivesary, Glaser Progress Foundation launched a video commemorating Kennedy's inspiring and timeless words.

America at its best. That's Progressive. That's you.
Glaser Progress Foundation, in conjunction with The Center for American Progress, launched a multiyear effort to increase public understanding of what it means to be a progressive given our nation's history and the challenges we face today.
New Progressive America Twenty Years of Demographics
The Political Ideology of the Millennial Generation
Progress is American

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