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Progressive Studies Program Launched
The Glaser Progress Foundation in partnership with the Center for American Progress launched the Progressive Studies Program. The program is a unique interdisciplinary project exploring the history, intellectual foundations and public understanding of progressivism in America. The program seeks to increase public awareness of progressive ideas and values, educate public officials and policymakers through lectures, seminars, articles, public events, book discussions, new media tools, and training seminars with activists and young people.

Yale University Launches Global Health Leadership Institute
Yale University, in partnership with the Glaser Progress Foundation, has created
the Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI), a weeklong conference Yale will
host in June 2009. GHLI will convene leaders in public health from countries that have demonstrated momentum in strengthening their health care systems. GHLI's objectives include exploring best practices to improve the health of regional populations, and identifying key future research directions to speed up improvements in global health. The institute will also develop a set of case studies showcasing examples of innovations to improve population health.

Video Launched Commemorating 40th Anniversary of RFK GDP Speech
Robert F. Kennedy's campaign for president inspired a generation of progressive activists. On March 18, 1968, to a hushed University of Kansas crowd of 20,000, he issued a startling challenge - that the Gross National Product, our most basic measure of the economy, fails to count the true experience of America. On its 40th Annivesary, the Glaser Progress Foundation launched a video commemorating Kennedy's inspiring and timeless words.

America at its best. That's Progressive. That's you.
The Glaser Progress Foundation, in conjunction with The Center for American Progress, launched a multiyear effort to increase public understanding of what it means to be a progressive given our nation's history and the challenges we face today.
New Progressive America Twenty Years of Demographics
The Political Ideology of the Millennial Generation
Progress is American

Access Project Director Published in Democracy Journal
As New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote, "Josh Ruxin, . has an important article in the new issue of Democracy arguing that aid work in poor countries is profoundly flawed because it relies too much on benevolence and not enough on business. I think he's dead right."

Access Project Launches New Website
The Access Project , a joint effort of the Glaser Progress Foundation and Columbia University, launches a new website. Founded by Rob Glaser and economist Jeffrey Sachs, the Access Project focuses on mobilizing global health programs to aid resource-poor countries in addressing poverty and the burden of disease.

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